If you have not heard of the flex belt, then you are not alone. Up until 6 months ago I had never tried an ab belt let alone heard of some of the products on the market. Like anybody I was a little skeptical about trying an ab belt, but after a friend said what good results they where having I decided to give it a try. I search around the web and found some good advice on trying the ab belt but I was find it best try these things for yourself.

What Is The Flexbelt?

It is a belt that you where around your waist that gives of tiny electrical pulses to your abdominal muscles which in turn causes the muscles to contract. This mimics the contraction of when your are doing an abdominal crunch in the gym. In fact the Flex Belt can cause your ab muscles to contract at a rate of 150 pulses a minute, which is probably more crunches they I can do in 4 minutes at the gym.

My Results

So after a solid three months in which I decided to use the belt 3 times in between my normal gym workout I can tell you my abs have never felt firmer. Don’t get me wrong this device is not some magic machine that is going to give you a six back in 3 months, you still need to put in the hard work. What I can say is that after doing a good session with the ab belt I can certainly feel like I have done a workout the following day. I wish that I had taken some pictures of the before and after results as I can see there has been improvements in my muscle definition but it would have been nice to show you guys here on my blog.

My advice for anyone that is looking to improve there core strength is use an ab belt to enhance you programme. Still keep the gym membership and do you normal ab routine but use the Flex Belt to supplement your workout or for when you can make the gym. Remember that no mater how many crunches or how often you use the belt if you have a layer of fat in front of theĀ  abs you need to make sure you do some cardio to remove the fat and see the abs.

You can see more training tips and advice over at trainginghardcore.com where they also have some great information on incoperating the flexbelt in to your normal ab workout.