If you are struggling to motivate yourself to get to the gym or don’t like to exercise in public why not try our 10 home body weight exercise routine.

1. The Plank

The plank targets the core muscles of the abdominals, lower back, upper back, chest and arms. Stretch your legs out as if you where going to do a press up instead of stretching your arms out rest your weight on to your elbows. Keep your body in a straight line like a plank. Try holding this position for 30 seconds or for as long as fills comfortable.

2. Press ups

Press ups are great for working the chest arms and and upper backs. Make sure that when you perform the press up you keep a controlled motion. Lower your body to count of 2 and backup at the same speed. If you are not strong enough to perform a full press up start with you knees bent and build up to a full press up.

3. Squats

Squats are great way to work all the major muscle groups in your legs. Start with your legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart and slowly lower your body down until your hips are in line with your knees and slowly bring yourself back up to standing. Don’t go all the way to the floor as this puts to much strain on your knees.

4. Lunges

Lunges again are a great way to work the leg muscles. Lung forward with an out stretched leg and slowly lower your other leg towards the ground and then repeat the routine with the other leg. After doing 10-20 you should start to feel those legs pumping.

5. Ab Crunch

The old favourite ab crunch which targets those abdominal muscles. Lie with your knees bent, or you can lift them of the ground to make the exercise slightly harder, shoulders flat on the ground and your hand’s on your thighs. Slowly lift your shoulders of the ground roll forward to crunching action. Do not bring your body all the way up just enough until you feel the muscle contract.

6. Dorsal Raises

The dorsal raise is an exercise that targets the lower back muscles. Lie face down flat on the ground and slowly lift your upper body of the ground until you feel the your lower back muscle contract. Try to keep your feet still and make sure they stay flat on the ground.

7. Tricep Push ups

As the exercise suggest this works the triceps which is the large group of muscle at the back of the arm. Get yourself in to the standard press up position, but put your hands closer together to make a diamond shape with your thumb and fingers. Slowly lower yourself to the ground and back up again like a normal press up.

8. Step Up.

This simple step up can be good weight to tone and strengthen those legs. Postion yoursel in front of a step or a raised platform and step with your right foot and then your left so both feet are on the step. Now step down leading with your right foot. repeat the process and making sure to work both sides.

9. Side PlankOblique exercises

This exercise works the oblique muscles. lie on your side resting on your elbow slowly lift your hips of the ground and hold this position for a count of 30 or for as long as is comfortable.

10. Dips

Works the triceps and deltoids muscles. Find a chair and place both hands behind you and your body in front of the chair slowly lower your wait the ground and then back up a gain. To make the exercise harder stretch your legs out further.